Our Interactive Shows and Workshops are all based around our expeditions and the theme of adventure.

They involve curriculum materials but are great for science festivals and family events.

As every school and venue is in a unique location and has unique demands, please drop us a line for costs on our Contact Page.

Earth Adventures Show



Our planet is pretty special. From huge moving glaciers to active volcanoes, wide oceans to the longest mountain ranges. Being part of this planet means it’s up to us to look after it. Join adventurer Huw James as he takes you on a tour of some of the most amazing locations on our planet, and shows how he and his team create media in the field to take viewers on a journey to some of the most extreme environments on Earth. With interactive demonstrations and HD footage from the field, maybe you’ll be inspired to have an Earth adventure.


Talk suitable for age 7+, KS2, Ks3, KS4 and Families


40-60 minutes. Please allow 90 minutes for set-up time and between 45 minutes for take-down.