Our Interactive Shows and Workshops are all based around our expeditions and the theme of adventure.

They involve curriculum materials but are great for science festivals and family events.

As every school and venue is in a unique location and has unique demands, please drop us a line for costs on our Contact Page.

Space Adventures Show



The solar system and the planets beyond are all worth visiting. But the distances between all the planets are so vast, how do we ever hope to go there? The fact is we’re exploring the outer edges of our solar system with robotic explorers and plans to send humans to other planets are already in the works. So if we’re going to explore other planets, moons and chunks of rock, which are the best to go to? In this hour long interactive show, join adventure astronomer Huw James as we find out where we’ll be having Space Adventures in the not so distant future.



Talk suitable for age 11+



40-60 minutes. Please allow 90 minutes for set-up time and between 45 minutes for take-down.